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Yuliia was born in a music family in Ukraine. She grew up listening to Ukrainian folk songs that she heard from her parents every day. She studied pop singing and got to know different styles of music. When she was 15, she fell in love with jazz.

In 2014 she moved to Germany to realize her dream - to study jazz. After going a difficult path, Yuliia achieved her goal. In summer of 2021, Yuliia graduated Jazz Vocal Department of the Hamburg University of Music and Theater with Prof. Ken Norris.


Yuliia is very interested in different cultures. In autumn 2019 she was on a semester abroad in the Dominican Republic, where she was able to learn Afro-Dominican culture from the roots. Since couple of years she has also been engaged in Brazilian music, taking an interest in its peculiarities and going deeply into the Portuguese pronunciation of Brazilian songs.

Love to different cultures leads Yuliia further and in the end of 2021 she moves to Lisbon, Portugal to discover a new country, new culture and mentality, new language and of course to get inspired by beautiful fado - traditional Portuguese music.


Yuliia considers it her mission to bring Ukrainian music around the world. Through her arrangements she combines her greatest passion, jazz culture, with her roots - Ukrainian folk music and gives the musicians the opportunity to learn her culture and to bring their own contribution to the music.


You can hear sincere feelings in her voice because every note comes from her heart.

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If you want to learn how to sing or improve you improvisation skills, you can book a voice lesson with Yuliia