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Hello my dear future student,

I'm Yuliia and I am not only musician and singer. I am a teacher, who enjoys sharing my knowledge with people. 

I have 7 years of teaching experience, including my internship while my studying in Ukraine. 

I always develop myself and have fun creating new interesting exercises for my pupils.

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My methodology is based on my music Education, my own experience, the experience of many teachers I had lessons with, compiled from books and a lot of workshops that I have attended, and even voice therapists.

In my singing lessons we deal with breathing and voice training. We fix problems in your voice individually. We develop your own natural, beautiful voice without copying anyone. We work physically and find the connection between the voice and the body. We sing your favorite songs and more.

Likewise with piano lessons. We go from exercises and scales to your favorite pieces. It is important that your posture remains natural and healthy. I'll show you the way to get the music in your fingers and to enjoy plaing the instrument!

Write me an E-Mail for all details. Share your expectations and book your first lesson now!

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Yuliia Holub