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Hello my dear future student,


Have you always wanted to develop your VOICE and learn to sound confident, clear and convincing? If you are on this page, you are on the right way! The voice is part of our being, and if we don't love our voice, we cannot be ourselves!


About me:

I am a jazz singer, composer and arranger (Degree: jazz singing at the University of Music and Theater Hamburg) as well as a singing teacher with more than 9 years of teaching experience. I do what I absolutely love and that's why I give myself completely to my job!

Lessons options:

  • online lessons via Zoom from all over the world

For that you need only a good internet connection and a quiet room, where you can practice singing.


Devices: laptop or computer or tablet + your smartphone. If you have a microphone, headphones - it's a wonderful plus, but not a necessity. 

  • offline lessons in Lisbon zone, Portugal (Paco de Arcos)

In my cozy home music studio is everything, what we need for our singing classes. Come and enjoy your singing lesson. 

In my lessons you can:
  • find a special connection between your body and your voice,

  • learn vocal secrets and speech therapy tricks that will release the voice from tensions and encourage the natural development of the voice,

  • fall in love with your voice and get rid of your complexes about it,

  • do something beautiful for your soul, your body and your personality on a regular basis!

You can also book a jazz lesson with me!

I would love to share my experience with you, teaching you from jazz basics to some specific things you won't learn in school! From blues and rhythm changes to band leading and storytelling, from improvisation to songwriting, from phrasing to finding your unique style.

Watch a jazz exercise video 

If you have a question, feel free to write me here: