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Hello my dear future student,


Have you always wanted to develop your VOICE and learn to sound confident, clear and convincing?

If you are on this page, you are on the right way!


The voice is part of our being, and if we don't love our voice, we cannot be ourselves!

Image by Maksym Kaharlytskyi

I regularly get inquiries from people who want to:


- find their natural voice and feel comfortable with it,

- get rid of complexes and finally stop being ashamed of their voice,

- speak / sing well and easily in front of a large audience,

- be able to control their voice even in stressful situations,

- listen to their own voice with pleasure (in voice messages or songs)

- be able to sing beautiful lullabies for their kids or their favorite songs for themselves.

- and other...

I am a jazz singer, composer and arranger (study: jazz singing at the University of Music and Theater Hamburg) as well as a singing teacher with more than 8 years of experience. I do what I absolutely love and that's why I give myself completely to my job!


Now is the right time to invest your energy and strength in your own development! And with online lessons that is now more than possible!

In my lessons you can:

- find a special connection between your body and your voice,

- learn vocal secrets and speech therapy tricks that will release the voice from tensions and encourage the natural development of the voice,

- fall in love with your voice and get rid of your complexes about it,

- do something beautiful for your soul, your body and your personality on a regular basis!

Write me an email, tell me a bit about yourself and your request and I will answer all your questions.

Number of free places for individual lessons at the moment: 2.

Sunny musical greetings,
Yuliia Holub